Private Lessons

Dear Fellow Musicians

I am offering private lessons on the following instruments

  • Keyboard
  • Accordion
  • Guitar
  • Bass
I will also offer private lessons in regards to
  • Music Theory, Composition, Personal In-depth Tutorials
  • Audio Engineering & Recording
  • Any other Music Technology related topics
  • Song Transcriptions (showing you how to play a song)
What do you need?
  • Basic understanding of computers or mobile device
  • A method of watching videos
  • You will need the right mindset, right attitude, and the will to succeed.
Here are the hourly plans:
  • Week to Week – $30 (4-week minimum)
  • Month to Month -$40 (3-month minimum)
  • One-Time – $50 (No minimum)
How it works!
  • We will schedule a date(s) and time for lessons. We will make a lesson plan of what you would like to learn (except for One-Time lessons) and that lesson plan will change based on your progress.
  • If you decide to do a live lesson (in person or via video chat), you have the option of coming to the studio or request a video call via Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Chat, FaceTime, etc…
  • If you decide to request videos, you will receive private videos via a link that I share with you and only you.

Custom Backtracks and Recording

Meeting your keyboard needs for your project or band!

Keyboard Tracks – Need keyboards on your next song, project, or full album?
Arrangements – Don’t know where to go with your song, musically?
Backtracks – THIS IS A BIG ONE… for non-keyboard players and board-less bands. Do you have gigs but find that it’s hard to find a keyboardist that’s dependable, that can learn the material, mistake-free, and that doesn’t give you any of that diva-musician-drama and/or ego that some musicians have? LOOK NO FURTHER! (not to mention you only have to pay the keyboardist once! and never have to pay them at the gig)