Hello, everyone!

I haven’t had an entry in a while but there is a lot to talk about now.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the live interviews. The season finally will be this coming Tuesday with Sin Jam so be on the look out; Oct 27th, 2020, 8PM EST/7PM CST.

In the mean time… Check out the new Tejano Keyboard Music Creator Library! TKMCL is a virtual instrument/sample library and arrangement/production tool all-in-one. There are a total of 120 patches/files. Included are many hard-to-find keyboard & synth sounds, acoustic instruments (brass, woodwind, accordions, bajos, and percussion), as well as rhythm section instruments and loops in thestyle of some of our genre’s most prolific drummers. This library is so vast that it also includes some sounds and loops that range from Traditional Conjunto & Norteño to other fringe regional crossover genres such as Cumbias Vallenatas & Tibaleñas, …etc. The sounds were minimally processed, giving you the option to adjust the reverb or chorus of each patch. When used with a DAW, you can add your own effect/plugins to custom sculpt your sound within the context of a mix. Whether you use the library as part of your keyboard rig (or as your whole rig), to quickly jot down your musical ideas, or to create an entire arrangement, TKMCL has you covered.
Check out these demos!

Video Schedule (modified)

So here is a tentative schedule of the next episodes

Episode 19 – Rey Reyna – Mi Tejanita

Episode 20 – Pentatonic, Hexatonic, Octonic Scales and their implications in Tejano Music

Episode 21 – The “Modern Modes” +1 (Super Lociran)

Episode 22 – Tutorial – Jay Perez – No Quiero Estar Solo (Analysis)

Episode 23 – Music Appreciation

Episode 24 – Harmony Tutorial – Gary Guajardo’s – Baby

Episode 25 – Harmony Tutorial – Sergio Gutierrez y Cafe – Gotitas De Dolor (Joe Revelez)

Episode 26  – Lick Tutorial – My Favorite Rick Fuentes Licks

Episode 27 – Intro Tutorial – La Diferenzia – Si Lo Quieres (Arnold Cardenas)

Emails 8/6/14

Want to send a personal shout out to all of the people that have been emailing me… here are a few

Right on for adding me! I always wished for something like this. Wished I had you guys 22 years ago. Lol dale shine and will be in touch!


Hey Kenny, thanks for the message. Remember it’s never “too late” your brain is a gift and a tool. Bad habits can be broken. You can reprogram yourself. All it takes is patience, practice, and the right attitude. You can do it buddy, now it’s up to you to make it happen. Happy practicing.
wow…Finally someone has catered to the tejano industry. Thank you. I will learn that David Marez tune. one of my favs. never thought i’d be able to. Thanks!!!!


Hey there Donald, glad you enjoyed the Marez video. It’s a great tune. Hope the videos and resources in the future bring you much success. Remember this: you can do it! Just have patience and make practice fun. Thanks for the love and happy practicing.

Hello mystery keyboardist…..Lol. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your knowledge and talents. I am a keyboard player from Colorado, and like you said….Have not had someone to share knowledge of tejano keys. I (have been) watched your videos numerous times throughout the last two days and it has helped me so much. Thanks again!


Adam, thank you for taking the time to send me a message. I am happy to share the knowledge with who ever is willing to listen. I love Tejano Music. Growing up, my 3 favorites were Mazz, Mafia, and la Sombra. I felt odd at school because it was mainly Anglos and they didn’t understand. Now I see the music fading into extinction. We have to educate generations, present and future, to keep this beautiful music going.
I appreciate your time. Glad the videos are helping you. One thing I want to stress is that you being from Colorado is a good thing. Remember, music is a matter of soul, not geographical region.
Thanks again and happy practicing.

And to the rest of you… thanks for the messages. Thank you for the donations… remember it costs money to keep this site up and running PayPal accepts Credit and Debit Cards if you feel generous enough to contribute.

Last thing to remember… applying life long skills and character to your music is essential. Good things come to good people. Work hard! I just heard this quote the other day “A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you cant go anywhere until you change it.” This is most important when dealing with bandmates. Be a beacon of “positivity” to your fellow musicians and neighbors. After all we all share this rock, trying to do the same thing, ya dig?  Never forget  that music is suppose to be fun. Feeling frustrated? Good! …its called growing pains… step aside, take a break, gather your thoughts, do it again, don’t give up.

Happy Practicing!

Episodes to come! UPDATED 8/2/14

So here is a tentative schedule of the next episodes to come

Episode 18 – Harmony Tutorial – Jay Perez – Lo Que Yo Tengo

Episode 19 – Pentatonic, Hexatonic, Octonic Scales and their implications in Tejano Music

Episode 20  – The “Church Modes” +1 (Super Lociran)

Episode 21 – Harmony Tutorial – Gary Guajardo’s – Baby

Episode 22 – Harmony Tutorial – Sergio Gutierrez y Cafe – Gotitas De Dolor (Joe Revelez)

Episode 23 – Lick Tutorial – My Favorite Rick Fuentes Licks

Episode 24 – Intro Tutorial – La Diferenzia – Si Lo Quieres (Arnold Cardenas)

Episode 25 – Music Appreciation

Episode 26 – Solo Tutorial – Rey Reyna – Mi Tejanita

Food for thought…

Music is a fun, therapeutic, and passionate way to get lost and (ironically) find yourself. But remember do it for the right reasons and never lose sight of why you started playing. A word of caution: if you treat music like a game or like competition, someone will always be better than you. All the reason to stay humble. Take your time. We’ll get there one day at a time, just keep plugging away. Happy practicing!